Hey there, I recently recorded (and produced, etc) an album for my university dissertation and I thought some of you might enjoy it. It's instrumental stuff, along the lines of Explosions in the Sky, Giraffes? Giraffes! and such. A few shades of John Frusciante, too, I'm sure you'll be able to spot which bits I'm on about

I played all of the guitar, bass and drum parts, and a couple of friends of mine contributed sax/piano/vox to a couple of songs. Also, the last track features the former drummer for Goldfrapp playing congas, which is pretty cool!

This was all recorded and mixed in Protools HD in the recording studios at uni, with the exception of the occasional guest parts, which I recorded at a friend's house using an Mbox into protools LE. Any questions about equipment, tone, etc, feel free to ask.

I'll just post a link to the full set on soundcloud, I remember there used to be a 2 songs per thread limit in here but the rules thread seems to have disappeared and there's nothing in the stickies about it so I assume this is okay. If not, I'll edit this post and just stick direct links to a couple of tracks in.

The whole thing's available for free download, too, so help yourselves.

Cheers guys!

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I snatched this up like candy, man. I really enjoy it... I listen to a lot of metal, but one of the other genres I like is post-rock and stuff like that, and I'm really digging this, some of it reminds me of Explosions in the Sky and other post-rock bands I listen to (though that should be expected). That was kind of a ramble, but basically what I'm saying is awesome job. :P
This is some good stuff. I love it really. Really good sounding guitar.
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AH I LOVE IT! Dude, I fall hard for this kinda stuff, I love it. I have absolutely no critiques, I think it's all well done, you're really talented. The mixing is well done too, so props to your engineer dude. Whenever you have another album out man, just PM me and I'll be there to listen to it

I have an album out too but it's for money, I'm giving the money to charity but there's also other stuff here. Linky: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=27583810#post27583810
Wow great stuff!!
Really something original, by mixing different influences together.
Love the quality of your recording aswell!

the intro from Mints in Bed reminded me a bit of Steve Reich's Phases.

You kinda remind me of this guy on youtube Rob Scallon :p
MIJ: the part starting at 5.05 is so nice!!

I also like 'One Day' but the squeaks get kind of annoying, maybe try a classical guitar or try to lift your hand on the very last moment to change position!
Great work! Keep it up!!