I've been playing bass for a year or so (and guitar for a few years more) and I might be playing with a band (classic/hard rock) soon, with the intention of getting a few gigs. Just some local pubs or clubs. BUT: I've never played live before! As a result all I have is my bass, and a 15 watt amp (Line 6 LD15).

My question to the all-knowing bass forum is...what setup would you recommend? I assume a bigger amp is required, but what power/type? Combo or not? Any absolutely essential pedals or gadgets?

I haven't got a huge budget, so I'm really just looking for a basic setup, that would cover most small live situations. I know this is quite a broad question, but a few tips from anyone currently playing gigs like this would be a huge help. Thanks!
15 watts for a bass doesnt seems loud enough, but im a guitar player, so what could i know, you dont really need any pedal for classic/hard rock
Ya definitely a bigger amp... I use a 250 watt and thats usually enough for a big room, sometimes its miced though. Combo's are way easier... but ya get whatever you prefer and can afford

you dont have to worry about pedals... but I like using some compressor, chorus, reverb, and EQ... distortions handy everyone once in a while too... you can get a multi FX pedal that does all these really well, the Boss one is great
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Sorry, let's say around £250? Don't mind selling the LD15, and used isn't a problem for me.
A good big bass amp is liekly to cost alot and it will be very heavy.

Do it in cheap and light way like me. Buy a good multi-fx unit > mixer

you will have effects , dfferent amp sims , dist.. etc

Note: Yes im too lazy to varry my 35kg 1x15 cab to every bar show...

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Look into Peavy for bass amps I have a 50 Watt Basic 112 and it works brilliantly, they have some slightly bigger models and they are pretty cheap my amp is about $75.
Fender Rumble 75 should handle most small gigs, even the 30 might hold its own in a small gig (providing you don't have a loud drummer) if you are looking to save
I've had great success using gumtree to get myself an amp for small to medium size gigs. Managed to bag a Crate BT220 for £140.
Also there's a 300W Laney amp going for £200.. Just hope you're near Manchester

Sod that, a Peavey TNT115 for £60. Some people are clueless
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Quote by crohno
15 watts for a bass doesnt seems loud enough, but im a guitar player, so what could i know, you dont really need any pedal for classic/hard rock

This goes to several of you... If you don't play bass and don't know, then don't say anything it doesn't help anyone

If you want to gig, and want to play with people, don't side for anything under 200 for safety. You just never know, no 30 watt fender rumble is going to help you
Look for a Peavey amp, there great and you can get one for a reasonable price. I got my 150 watt amp for $180 and works like a charm. You just have to look around.
I've got a Fender Rumble 150, it should handle most moderate gigs. Paid about $300 for it. If it's not loud enough for you, you can always mic it to the venue's PA, and its 15" speaker puts out quite a bit of sound. Or, if you like your line 6, you could just save your money, sell the one you have and buy a higher wattage LD amp.
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100 watts will do you good if you play loud.I've seen really sweet amps that size(like gallien kreuger) go for 150-200 bucks in a music shop,and then you could talk the guy down to a lower price and trade in your 15 watt,and then your ampin it up.
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