If anyone used to play Sonic when they were little you should hopefully enjoy this. This is basically a medley of some of my favourite Sonic themes from the Sega Megadrive games. It took me quite a while to write this, I put a lot of effort into not simply copying the original themes, and the transitions were quite hard to do.

This isn't really a recording, I just used this online converter to convert my midi files into mp3's so they sound a bit better. The drums were done in SD2 though. I didn't spend much time sorting the levels either so sometimes some guitar parts are a little too quiet. I've yet to be able to get a good enough guitar sound to properly record this. But as it is now, at least you can kinda imagine how it'd properly sound.

The order of themes are as follows:
Green Hill Zone
Chemical Plant Zone
Lava Reef Zone
Ice Cap Zone
Flying Battery Zone
Starlight Zone

Enjoy! And c4c of course. http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Seb1uk/
I really wanted to hear this but unfortunately (most likely from my poor connection) I can't listen to the song. If it would be possible to upload it somewhere else, that would be great. For some reason the UG song player and my internet do not mix. And hopefully if you can send the Zelda one too =)
Cool intro. When the first main melody comes in, really brings back memories of speeding through the Green Hill Zone squashing Badniks and loop-the-loop-ing This is very well put together, you've linked the parts very well and is nicely arranged and added a few of your own twists. Great choice on Lava Reef zone, I always loved the music from that and it sounds awesome. I really wanna play Sonic now!! Especially now I hear the amazingness that is Flying Battery. Probably a good idea to finish on Starlight Zone as it's a bit quieter/chilled out. The bass sounded very cool on this zone, although I felt the lead guitar was a little too harsh and kinda isolated.
Overall, great work, I loved it. Obviously the Sonic music is awesome to begin with, but you did a great job a fitting things together and actually adding to it to put your own ideas into it. Keep trying to get a good enough setup/production skills to record this with real guitars, would love to hear it.

Thanks man! Just letting you know I haven't forgotten about returning the crit. I've just been really busy, crit will have to wait a few more days.