Anyone know where the nearest Schecter dealer is in/around Lincolnshire? The music stores here only stock Fender, Ibanez and cheapo brands -.-
You'll probably be lucky to find many in the UK. GAK sells online ones, but they're based in Brighton. A few small dealers sell them that I've seen. Have you tried searching through Schecter's site?
I've never seen a new Schecter in the UK. Seen 2 second hand ones, an Omen and C1 in Birmingham. Aside from that, you'd be lucky. I dunno how many dealers we have. There's no ESP/LTD ones either.
I had to travel to Manchester to get my Schecter. They have loads of them. Sounds Great Music the shop is called. If you live in Lincoln then you'd be travelling as far as I did from Conwy, North Wales. And the guys there are top notch.
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It's not going to be somewhere local for you but Project Music in Devon sell them and they are a very good store to do business with too. As somebody above said, Schecters are actually quite common now fortunately
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I hate UK music stores Guess I'll have to pop in next time I'm in Manchester....Definitely not going to go all the way there just for a look