Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon Wah - £50

This is the most versatile and complete Wah pedal I've ever tried and is every bit as good as its reputation. Just check out the reviews on Harmony Central. I don't have the original box for it but it will be well packaged for delivery. It's in superb condition and perfect working order. Here's what they say about it:

The most variable and controllable wah you can get. The Weeping Demon's shrieks, cries,wails and seductive siren songs will have your audience screaming for more. The Weeping Demon features spring and normal footboard action, selectable wah range, fine tuning controls and more.

This pedal sets new standards for performance and tone. The key difference is in the Fine Tuning controls; you can set the 'Q' (resonance) to be broad or narrow, which right away lets you customize this pedal to almost any sound you could ever want. The Lo response is equally adjustable, between a peaking and shelving response, which also generates a wide tonal palette. Add to this a Range switch, which places the effective action of the pedal into either a Normal or High band of frequencies, and you have the most tunable, adjustable Wah pedal ever created. Ibanez also offers a choice of spring or normal pedal action, and the rugged all-metal construction assures years of trouble-free use. An oversize Bypass switch makes it particularly easy to put the Weeping Demon in and out of the circuit. This pedal has no equal.
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