What kind of technique is this? haha to me it is just a really easy way to mimic screams but it's not even that loud.

Is this a serious technique? Do professionals actually use it? If so, how do they get it to actually sound good?
Yes. You've heard of metalcore, right?
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I've heard of it, yeah haha but wait can you link an example?

Edit: I mean an example of fry being used
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Phil labonte, Howard Jones, Randy Blythe, Matt Heafy etc etc. Those that are good at it can have a great sound. But if your bad it is brutally unforgiving.

How do you make it sound good? Practice?
I dont think he was talking about SOUNDS bad, but rather, bad technique.
If you do it wrong you can get NODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol. Im sure theres a tutorial around here somewhere
I was talking about sound actually. Look man, with fry if it doesn't hurt you are not developing nodes. Period, end of story. Lets move on.

Practice will definitely help, but only if done properly. This is why its so hard to scream as it takes diligence, patience and a good bit of searching your voice to find the correct use. Things to work on to make fry screaming sound much better:

1. Start in your midrange. This comes easiest for most folks because you have the best control of it. Then work lower before strengthening your upper range. Highs are difficult to get to both sound good and not hurt at first.

2. Try to move the scream up into your nasal cavity. You don't want this for every scream style but this is a good way to start making the sound "bigger."

3. Open up your soft pallet. This is KEY for fry as most of the sound from fry gets absorbed by your soft tissues in your throat. To practice this, yawn as big as you can. Feel how it seems your throat gets 10x bigger? thats the lifting of the pallet.

4. Try to get a buzz in your head with a hum first. This is called resonance and is the second most important aspect of fry. Doing this correctly amplifies the sound of the scream and gives it overtones.

5. Record yourself. You'll know real quick when you start getting it. The sound will just transform from utter crap to something resembling a scream

6. Goodluck

To get a feel for what fry can sound like, click the band page in my sig and have a listen. Not all that I do is fry but I've been able to blend it into my technique. *shameless plug, go ahead and "like" it if you feel I helped you out

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Greeneyboy- Your fine man. I just tire of folks only contributing that you will hurt yourself if performed wrong when that fact is basically a given now.

Cheers brudda.

OP- Professional fry has a subtle yet distinct sound. It has more "fizzle" and overtones than false chord whereas false chord has a nasty brutality/meat to it when used for the same effect. Within fry there are many derivations, one being the low push, almost talking vocals of Blythe to the soaring highs of Jones. Its just a matter of if you like the given tone or not.

Other bands that use fry: Sylosis, as I lay dying, Children of Bodom,
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Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying has basically mastered the style. He is able to put a large amount of his voice into the screams. There are other bands like All that remains, I think Unearth that also have developed theirs to that level.
I know merriman was nice enough to cover the tips, but listen to bands like AILD and ATR. And try to get your scream to give out a fuller sound like they do. Obv it's going to take a long time, but at least you'll be emulating the right people.
If u listen to AILD, listen to "An ocean between us" and "The Powerless Rise"
If u listen to ATR, listen to "The Fall of Ideals"
Fall of Ideals is the perfect place to start with ATR. Lambesis is definitely awesome. OP if you want more voice in it be sure not to force the sound. Be able to do a good full fry WITHOUT any force is what will let you branch out and start adding your voice to it. When you get to this point start adding your true voice in your midrange and work out