Hey guys, I'm in a metal band (Memories of Dying Days) and we're just starting out. Our influences include: Bullet for My Valentine, Trivium, Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Avenged Sevenfold. I decided I would post a link to our facebook page here in hopes of getting some more "likes"! We have a couple of little low quality demo recordings on the page, but none with vocals because we don't have the right equipment to record them. HOWEVER, we do know a friend that is doing an internship at a studio and he might help us out to add it to his portfolio.

Anyways, check it out and give us some "like" action!

Hey man,

you rated our music, thanks for that. As a critique of your stuff (based on the song I found on youtube Love-hate) the solo's were pretty cool and the players were both good at what they did. I liked some of the riffs, and I dug the repeating melody line.

If I could pick at it, I would say that it was a little loose on timings, which would be helped if you had a drummer, and I would like to hear it with a singer. I also think that you could give the songs more life by varying some of the things you do - for the single note runs, try using the neck pickup to make it smoother maybe, or get a different sound by playing some interesting chords.

Theres clearly a good basis to work from though guys. Keep going =D
Yeah, this isn't an actual demo that we're like going to showcase, I guess you'd say.
We had just been getting bother by a bunch of people to put something up so we threw that together.
We do have a drummer, we just don't have great recording gear like mentioned.
The vocals have already been written and everything, we just don't have the stuff to record them well.
This is basically something to go off of.

Thanks for checking it out!
Hey man, thanks for checking my band out. I'm listening to the one song you see first on your page, Funeral. Basically it sounds like you have some riffs coming along, when the drums come in it seems like some things get lost and a little off time, but the riff is still cool. Maybe a better quality recording would clear that up because sometimes it can sound a little frantic and muddy to me. I do like the little guitar lead melody you have in there, very catchy, something that will stick with people which is always a good thing. Just keep working on becoming as tight as you can and hopefully you can get some better quality recordings up soon. Good luck man.
Thanks man! If you want to hear better guitar work though, check out the second video "Love - Hate". There are some cool solos in it! I was thinking the same thing as you with about the drums comment. Just keep in mind, this was recorded at home, not some fancy studio or anything, so we were just making the best out of what we had available. Thanks for checking it out!