So I'm making an old tube radio into a small tube amp, problem is it isn't going to be loud enough for me. PS this amp has a small headphone output.
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I'm not sure what you are saying. Does the amp have a speaker? If so, check what impedance it is then connect the wires from the to the hifi speaker. That said, guitar speakers are different than hifi speakers, so it probably won't sound to great. And the speaker doesn't need "power" a speaker gets driven by an amp. And headphone input? Er what?
ok so that wouldnt sound good? what speakers would you recommend? I want to make it louder while keeping the tone or making it better. It has a headphone out jack so i was thinking about changing it with a 1/4 jack and using it like an amp head and making my own cab with some speaker in it. I don't want to spend alot of money on a speaker though.
A headphone jack won't push enough power to drive a speaker very loudly. A bigger speaker also won't make the amp much louder. You can buy guitar extension cabs just by themselves and that'd be your best bet for guitar tone. Definitely check the impedance of your current speaker though. If you don't know what that is then just post any numbers written on the speaker up here.
Will do, and thats what I meant i made this to get the tone of tubes, so would it retain the tube sound? also i meant convert the headphone out to 1/4 output jack then run a cable from that into a cab, would that retain the tube sound? That would be Ideal it would then be possible to be used to practice on when not plugged into a cab and loud enough to jam with others.
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Okay sorry about that, I did some researc I didnt know cabs were powerwd by a head. So I also found on the radio back that it is 5w and then near the external antenna it said 300mA I think it means the speaker but Im not that saavy. Power source is 120ac. what I need to know now is how to choose a guitar speaker to replace it with and about how loud it would be, enough to play over drums?

Thanks for your patience. Im also wondering if it would work to plug from headphone jack out into my solid state and retain the tube sound if so just say yes and no just say no.
Okay I'm not sure you're getting this. A new speaker will not make the amp much louder. Hear how loud it is now? That's about how loud it is with a new speaker. Now I'm not sure how you could convert an old tube radio into a guitar amp and still have no idea what impedance is. You need to look on the speaker. The literal speaker. The thing the sound comes out of. On it will be some numbers one of those will be the impedance. As for plugging it into your solid state? I dunno, give it a shot and see if it sounds any good.
I cant see the speaker yet as I ordered it from ebay, it was only 12bucks so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm new with electronics but adding the jack is as simple as soldering the leads onto the volume pot, I know basic electronic things, not much about speakers. Somehow I was thinking a bigger speaker would make it louder because maybe the original didn't use all the potential. I see now I was wrong.

I pretty much picked up and electronics book a few months ago and started reading but it has nothing on impedance. So from what you've said and I've figured out, the only way to really make it louder would be to either completely re-wire the powering and other things or pretty much plug it into a combo amp to boost the signal enough to hear.

Im trying to figure all of this out before I get the radio and start messing around. If anyone wanted to see it this link should work.
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