condom jokes aside, i went to a concert last night. i quite literally had to leave not even half way through because all i could hearing was ringing in my ears. which has made me realize that my ears ring and i loose a little bit of hear even when listening to my ipod. should i consider getting ear protection? if so, any recommendations?
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You can get better headphones so you can listen to your music at a lower volume, whilst still being able to hear it better.
And for concerts and stuff, just wear earplugs. Any kind will do really.
for me, normal earphones for my ipod wasnt enough because i would have so much outside noise that i would need to turn up the volume on my ipod to hear the music. i highly suggest in ear headphones such as the Shure 215 series or anything that goes inside of your ear. it protects up to 30 db of outside noise which in turn allows me to turn down my ipod volume greatly allowing me to hopefully hear normally for a few more years.
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OT: id say just wait it out for a lil, i shot a pistol for the first time about a month ago, my ears would ring but it would go away and come back ever so often, so just give it some time, your ears will go back to normal after a few days
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Yeah, and if you're really serious go custom moulded. Especially if you're going to concerts regularly and playing in your own band.

For headphones, Sennheiser CX300s (I think that's the name. ) are really good at blocking out extraneous noises, so you don't have to turn them up as loud. They sound great for the price too, it's such a cheap investment if you're using ones that came with your iPod.

The above.

Also, loud ringing is pretty common after gigs, and not all gigs. Even if you're a regular gig-goer you may experience abnormally loud ringing after certain sets. meh.

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Do it enough and the ringing will come and go for the rest of your life, with or without repeated exposure to loud noises. Even more and it will be constant. I've heard of people having the ringing so bad it interferes with sleep and even literally drives some people crazy, but that's heresay, so don't quote me on it. It might be worth researching more for your own purposes, though.
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Once in a while is fine for a concert, we have compression in our ears to cope with it in the short term, ipods are ear destroying though.
My best advice is to just not use them, or get over-ear headphones.
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simple, get some small earplugs, and turn yer ipod down!

This. Tinnitus really sucks.
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condom jokes aside

It's actually a good analogy

People use condoms to prevent aids etc

Musicians should use ear plugs to prevent tinnitus and hearing loss
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Anyone else wondering about the bump? It didn't need to be a thread in the first place. It's an obvious answer. If you don't want tinnitus, get ear plugs. You have to be pretty retarded not to be able to answer this yourself.