Hey guys, guitarist from Violent Karma here.

We've been kicking around the Chester area of the UK for the last year or so and we've landed support slots with Heavens Basement, Falling Red while touring across the country.

We're about to head out on a tour in support of charity, which will have a different headliner every night. We will be filming the gigs and then making a compilation DVD of the best performances so come check us out when we release dates.

For now though . . . music!


I'll rate any bands that you throw my way when I get chance. It will be done, but probably tomorrow. =D
Cool sound man, dig the vocals and the riffs, especially the one bass lick that opens the song up. I think your recording quality could use a little work, the drums sound kind of one dimensional to me, and sometimes the guitars sound a little off time, but other than that, I dont have any complaints about you guys at all. Keep it up!

Mind checking out my band? We're more metal than you guys, but you may like it, haha.