i am trying to tune my floyd rose guitar.

i have the strings inside the blocks already and trying to tune up. whats happening is that the floyd rose is pretty high up from the guitar itself. is this supposed to be like this? i think i might need to adjust the screws in the back or something but have no idea how it works or how its supposed to look.

ive been watching vids and how tos. still confused! am i supposed to keep the bridge down when tuning up all the strings or anything? doesnt the strings pull the bridge up anyways from being tuned?

sorry in advance for the newb question and whatnot
Screw in the screws that are in the back cavity until the bridge is parallel with the body. That will counter-act the string tension.

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Have you read this... https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=614226 it tells it like it is :-)


Another tip is to ensure you stretch the hell out of each new string before moving on to the next. I mean, stretch, then tune, and repeat until 2 stretches with no flattening of the pitch. If you don't then the strings will still "settle" after you lock everything down and it will be a nightmare to keep in tune.

If you do it right, then you shouldn't have to re-tune much after the initial tuning, as long as you keep the guitar at a steady room temperature and humdity. I normally only tune when doing string changes (3-4 months) on each of my 3 FR/Ibanez Edge guitars.
ok so if i read correctly if i am tuning the guitar and the bridge is bulging all the way out im supposed to screw those screws (2) in the back until the bridge becomes level with the guitar?
This is what I use:

-take off the lock nuts
-loosen the first string at the head
-loosen saddle
-take out string at bridge
-take out string at head
-insert new string into saddle
-use allen key to tighten saddle(do not tighten too much)
-wrap string at machineheads
-tune first string
-do next string and so on
-set all fine tuners at half way
-make sure your floyd rose is parallel with the body of the guitar
-if not, take off the back cover and adjust the springs until it is parallel
-you will have to keep tuning
-tune, using machine heads, to standard
-tighten lock nuts
-tune using fine tuners
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ok so if i read correctly if i am tuning the guitar and the bridge is bulging all the way out im supposed to screw those screws (2) in the back until the bridge becomes level with the guitar?

Correct. But you will want to loosen all the strings a bit first, then tighten the two screws (evenly) in the back. Then re-tune, and check the level of the bridge. It may take a while to get it sitting perfectly leve and in tune, but you'll be happy once you do.
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If you want to make it simpler:

- Loosen the strings and block the trem both directions from inside the trem cav, with the trem sitting at the correct level
-- Might as well leave the cover off so you don't strip out the thread in the wood, 'cause you'll need it off every string change, and if the temperature changes, too.
- Tighten the strings to whatever tuning you want
- Change each string and stretch each new one completely (like I talked about in the other post)
- Lock down the nut
- Fine tune on the bridge
- Adjust the claw screws so that there's almost no tension agains either block and remove the blocks
-- You'll know the tension is right if the bridge angle is correct while the tuning is correct

It's all a matter of balancing the claw spring tension with the string tension (when the strings are all in perfect tune). If the strings are stretched enough and you have a good knife blade edge, then the tuning should be extremely stable, regardless of whammy abuse.

BTW, never try to adjust the action height with the bridge under tension--that will destroy your knife blade edges, especially on cheaper FR models/copies.
ok i have tightened the screws in the back and managed to tune strings to standard tuning.

a minute later the strings are out of tune again, i redo them, then as i keep tightening these strings the bridge is popping out even more and it seems like theres almost no more room to tighten in the back. there is still but its getting close to nothing

please please help ive been reading everything and cant find an answer to this right now..
Are you using the same gauge of strings the guitar came with or heavier? Do you have 3 springs in back? If so, you might need heavier springs, or more likely shorter screws.

When I put skinny top/heavy bottom strings in my Xyphos when I bought it, the shop I bought it from made me wait about a month for them to receive "stronger springs". I've never been able to find those anywhere, so I'm a little skeptical. I ended up having to use screws about 1" shorter than those in the guitar to get the claw far enough from the bridge to get the right tension. The stock screws bottomed out too early.