The song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtAUelbqVag

The Lyrics.

Lines in the sand,
Time's in your hand
Decisions break your damn head apart

Time's an illusion
Live in confusion
Never know the truth

Look through your minds eye
Uncover the true lie
Thats hidden through all of our sight

The devil he dances
There's no second chances
Face your fear and come to the light

I'm stuck out of sight
Wish I was still in the light and breathing
Stuck out of sight
Left alone in the dark and fearing

Verse 2
Piecing the dots
Of things I forgot
trawling through the endless aftermath

Life in damnation
It bears correlation
To the sins that lie in our path




This isn't pro recorded and we'd like opinions on the lyrics before we go into the studio and get them done =D