While browsing Guitar Center's website, I was looking through a Les Pauls. On the Studio Deluxe model, it says the price is 1199.99-1399.99 usd. However, it appears as if two of the same options have different prices. It lists the vintage sunburst option three times; twice it is 1399 and on the last one, it is 1199. Is there any reason why this is? Here is a link: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Studio-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar-105475420-i1476659.gc

The third option is 200 dollars cheaper for some reason. Is it defective or used?
Certain finishes/colors are more expensive and some less expensive to make becuase of the wood used, processes used etc. Nothing's wrong with the cheaper one, just a different color
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There are three different options with the same color choice. The first two are more expensive than the third.
I'd imagine just a glitch. Go to guitar center or call them and find out what the issue is.
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I examined the page further. It says, "Now viewing: Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe in Nashville" or something to that degree. Would that affect the price if it were in a specific store? By the way, I live 7 hours from Nashville. For some reason, it picked it up as my location.