Hello everyone! Happy Canada's day to the canadian's on here, and happy early 4th of July to the Americans.
Today has been a dream. I came back from a camping trip and went to my aunt's house to find a 12 string guitar that my uncle's friend no longer needed. Being the only person in the family who plays guitar, it was given to me. It's a beautiful Sammick D-5-12 with a solid spruce top.
I've been playing guitar for 3 years, but this is my first 12 string. Does anyone have any online resources such as online tuners which can help me tune the guitar down a whole step? I've been fiddling around with it but can't seem to get it right. Thanks! Any help is appreciated.
Tune it down a whole step? What? Are you trying to put it in D Standard, or are you not aware that they're generally tuned to standard on all the lower strings, then an octave above for the bottom 4 and to the same octave on the top two? If you're shooting for D standard, any regular tuner should help you get there. Good luck, I'm really jealous!
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Hey thanks for the reply . I'm trying to put it into d standard, I can already tune it to standard. I'm trying to releive some tension from the neck and make it a bit easier to play. This being my first time with a 12 string, I kinda find it a bit weird to hold down two strings at once. But I'll get the hang of it in d standard tuning then switch back to standard tuning.