Maybe try warming up more? Or a more regimented practice schedule? I don't really know. I know if I just pick up my guitar, I'm not nearly as good as if I've warmed up properly for a bit.
good as far as what? it sounds like you just aren't giving yourself enough warm-up time... you're only seeing progress after giving your fingers a really good warm up. very few people can just pick up a guitar and shred (i wouldn't recommend it even if you could), i've been playing for 12+ years and i always warm-up before goin nuts (or even just messing around/jamming). bands like exmortus (crazy super fast death-thrash), go to one of their shows and the dudes are standing around warming up for like an hour before the gig. play as fast as you can (legatos, picking,whatever techniques you use) until your fingers feel tired, give them a short break (10-15 mins) and then try playing. only do this after a slow 10-15min warm up of course to loosen up your fingers or you can cause damage to your hand.
as far as the next day thing, it's like working any other muscle...they have time to relax so you basically start from square one. hope it helps.
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stretch out your fingers, play some basic scales, then start playing what you want to play. Just warming up will help a lot.
Perhaps your fingers are stretching out more and allow you to move more fluently.
What helps me is playing lots of different chord progressions first. It seems like when i play rhythm first and then other fast stuff, it stretches out my fingers. hope that helps!
I do warm up for usually for at least 10 mins. Even after an hour of playing my fingers aren't agile enough to play really fast or technical stuff or sweeps until I've been playing for a couple of hours. Once I do get to that point though I feel like Neo; my playing really comes together and I feel like I could play anything, but that doesn't happen unless I've been playing for at least 3 or 4 hours. I play every day too.

Maybe my warm up exercises aren't rigorous enough or I don't do them long enough? It's unlikely because I do the left and right hand exercises from the Rock Discipline dvd and it takes me at least 10 minutes to get through them. Sometimes I spend up to 20 minutes warming up. I stretch too.My fingers feel loose and better after warming up for sure, but nothing compared to how I can play after a couple of hours of working on songs or just messing around or improvising.
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Yeah Ive got exactly the same problem and its certainly not down to lack of practice or warm, up I doubt Jimi Hendrix practiced as much as I do. I am coming to the conclusion that it may be combination of some of these factors
1) Poor circulation
2) Excess tension
3) Insufficient resting or over practising
4) some sort of mental block by which ive told myself that I can only play after 2+ hours practise and my fingers act accordingly

Im still trying to find a solution starting with trying to be more relaxed but its too early to say if its made any difference yet
Eddie Van Halen said that when he sat down to practice as a kid he would slowly work his way through a six pack of beer. I tried it, it worked pretty well. The point isn't to get drunk, I work my way through over about 4 hours. But it definitely keeps me from thinking too much about what I'm doing and just feel it instead. Everything flows better. If you're under age, ask your dad... "Uh dad, I need beer for practice..." or not.
lmfaooo opposite of me.
when i play too long i start to suck..
when i give a day or two break and come back, i can hit every note..

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Eddie Van Halen said that when he sat down to practice as a kid he would slowly work his way through a six pack of beer.

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