Im considering more and more buying a new amp. I have heard the triple rectifier up close but how does the tone compare on the dual and single? What are the differences?
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single and dual are two whole different animals. the single does not have tube rectification, unlike the dual and tripple, which have an option for diode and option for tube (its a switch IIRC).

on the dual, the two channel is more desirable than the three channel (i have heard both quite a bit, but never ab'd a two and a three channel, so just recordings)

you really just gotta play one.

and there are a lot of high gain amps out the other than the recs that you may prefer.

i am in love with my splawns, and wouldn't ever go back.

the diamond nitrox sounds pretty good.

then you have engl's which are again well respected.

buy used.
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