I found this guitar in my basement. Apparently it was my great uncle's, then it was passed down to my other uncle. It's a vintage Hootenanny. That's all I know. I don't play guitar, but earlier I tried tuning it because I know it was terribly out of tune since I used to play around with it when I was little. While I was tuning the 1st string (thin E), it snapped. It was still attached to the head, and the bridge, so it snapped in between. I looked at the bridge and realized something was odd. I have no clue how in the world you're supposed to fix this. No bridge pins or anything?

Thanks guys!
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maybe....you unscrew the bridge, pull it up/off and then replace the strings? or maybe it's just a one-shot deal
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you might have to go inside the body of the guitar.
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You tray to play the guitar with this bridge???

If guitar not play good ...change the bridge....and tray again....

If guitar play good tell us to tray something different ...