I am looking for a great acoustic for my style under $250. I love bright sounding guitars, with LOTS of treble. Don't ask why, I just love that sound. The washburn WD-10S was recommended to me, but I want your guys' opinions. I am trading my Yamaha F335 for it by the way..
Epiphone EJ-200 artist series. Same guitar as the normal EJ-200 without all the cosmetics. Very bright, very high quality, low action. Bands like Oasis have used the EJ-200, the epiphone version, too. Best acoustic under $500 imo.
yamaha fg700s or maybe fg720s if you can find one on sale for a few bucks off. either that or i'd consider one of these. i haven't played their entry level models, but recording king makes some nice guitars in classic martin sizes:


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the Yamaha FG700s of the Epiphone Hummingbird Artist ($249) would be a pretty good choice
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I heard that Crafter guitars are really good and not too expensive, but I've never played a Crafter guitar before. Maybe you could go into a store and try it. Ibanez seems also good.
I definitely agree with the Yamaha Fg700s. I played one of those at my local guitar store and it sounded good for the price.