I broke my pinkie last year and sometimes when I play for decent to long period of time it starts to hurt. Whats the best way to exercise and strengthen my pinkie.
i broke my pinky too back in 2008. i think the point is not to stress the pinky, but to stimulate muscle growth.

i could only play once every three days for 30 min. it stopped hurting about a year after breaking it. i guess its really something only patience can fix. although once it does stop hurting i suppose the best way is to just do a bunch of hammer-ons between your pinky and every other finger (to a metronome).

paul gilbert has some exercises for that.
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yeah I have done lots of damage to my hands as a rage filled child I used to be and my pinky used to feel kinda "locked up" but its improved alot since I first started not much trouble now and after using my pinky alot and not taking shortcuts its actually on of the fastest fingers I play with XD