hi, as both are within my reach, same as engl gigmaster, im wondering whether is it suitable for metal playing? i just need something decent for home used,practice. i have a bad monkey though for boosting. or should i go for ht-5 head plus cab instead (theres mini stack available).

check from youtube with both engl gigmaster as well as blackstar ht-5 for metal demo. however unable to get ht1 metal demo though.


blackstar ht-5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aynUeOnDl60

any owner with exact amp please advice, im currently looking for head+cab combination... thanks....
I'd go with the ENGL, if a micro amp is what you really want. And You will have to boost the HT-5 (which you said you have taken care of), which leads to a lot more knobs to play with, but I personally think that the best distorted tones come from the amp itself, and not with watery-sounding pedals.
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The HT amps are vintage voiced. You can overdrive the shīt out of them to get insane gain but it will still sound like a vintage amp doing something it was never meant to do. Get the ENGL.