my band (well me and two other guys xD) are looking into recording our EP were iwriting it as we speak prob is our drummer just quit and we cant find anyone to replace (legit noone i live in ky hard to a metal drummer period) i heard of Ez drum and the drumkit from hell i have some experience with drums so guess its up to me to find a way to write them another snag is were broke as F*** exactly how does Ez drums work? (unless you got a better idea for writing them)http://www.toontrack.com/products.asp?item=7
... Vocal drums?

Nah, EZ Drummer is used through midi files/notes/etc. If you've got guitar pro, you can write the drums in that then export the drums from GP to your DAW (reaper or whatever you use) then use the EZ Drummer VSTi on the midi drum track.

If you can get your hands on EZ Drummer and Guitar Pro (5 works very, very well) you are pretty much set to write drums.
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