I just came here to brag about my latest achievement! I've been playing guitar for a few years now, but I really never got into practicing much.

I started giving guitar lessons this summer and it inspired me to start improving my own techniques, such as alternate picking.

I know it isn't that fast, but it's an achievement for me. I generally incorporate a lot of hammer-ons and pull-offs in my playing, so my left hand is much faster than my right.

I've really improved my technique in the past few weeks!

So what is your fastest alternate picking speed at the moment?

EDIT: I'm doing scale runs, not just single notes.
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I haven't checked at all recently, because frankly I don't care that much anymore, but about a year ago I was doing a riff with doubles (down stroke, down stroke, up stroke, up stroke, etc) of 8th notes at 300 BPM (Quarter notes counting for the beat.) Comes out to 600 strokes per minute, which is a decent pace. I guess I've probably gotten a little faster since then, but I also stopped playing fast very much, more into blues stuff now.
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I recently started the whole speed challenge thing and im two weeks into it.. and I can economy pick exercises at 105 bpm with 16th notes(only after being warmed up and I start at 95 now to warm into it) and thats in 4/4 which I stopped using only downstrokes a few days into playing and started alternate picking and then the economy picking came natural after awhile it seemed more logical =)
16ths at 200bpm, albeit im running chomatics, and its been arround two weeks since my last speed increase from 199
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I'm glad you're progressing but we really don't need a thread for people to compare the size of their guitar willies.
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