Hey guys and gals. I noticed that when I plug my bass with passive pickups directly into my macbook pro to record in garageband, output is very low. When I record the same way with my guitar and active-pickup bass, this isn't a problem. I suspect it has to do with the passive pickups not providing a loud enough input signal? Does anyone here record with passive-pickup basses in this fashion and get a result that is loud enough, and if so, can you offer any advice? Thanks
You would be better off just getting a recording interface. You can get one for about $75.
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You need an audio interface with a Hi-Z 1/4" input or you need a phantom power direct box, because your signal isn't at line level coming out of your bass (passive or active) but it's still higher than a microphone's signal (which is "lo-z"), so you can't use the microphone input either. The audio interface will have pre-amps that will amplify the level up to line level and then convert it form analog to digital so you don't have any latency or jitter. I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro40 which works awesome for direct in bass or guitar.
buy a recording equipment... you will be fine

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Alright, I suspected that I'd have to buy an audio interface. Can you guys suggest a nice cheap one that works decently? I'm pretty poor at the moment and don't need anything astounding or super high quality. I only need one or two inputs.