yeah so I just Installed a seymour duncan sh-6 distortion pickup in my old schecter omen. The pick up itself roars and has very high output. When I switch to the neck, there is still a lot of output, but not as much as the sh-6, but thats because it's just not as hot. But the crazy thing is that when I put the selector in the middle position, I lose around 50% volume and the sounds becomes extremely trebley and twangey. IKt is actually ridiculously close to the bridge single in a strat. So my question is, what the shit is going on? I've been told the two individual pickups phasings could be clashing (Or something).

I plan to keep it though, because when I switch on my Big Muff, it regains the volume to be equal with the sh-6, but keeps the trebley twangey-ness. But yeah what's up with this? If someone could clarify it would be awesome thanks,
You've got the SH-6 out of phase with the other pickup. Its easy to fix, just swap the hot and ground wire of the SH-6 (not the bare ground, just the insulated one, should be green).
That will put them in phase with each other again.
I had the same problem with one of my basses. What you're getting is the difference between the pickups. It is because one of them is wired the wrong way around.
Yeah my teacher suggested that, but like I said, when I kick in the pedal, it sound awesome and I actually prefer it to the bridge position (Only with the Big Muff though). I never use that position much for cleans and my amps distortion anyway, always bridge or neck so I'm considering keeping it.

BTW littlephil I'm in Australia to where r u