No one seems to be interested in starting bands from scratch these days so I figured I'd just write + record some material to show to potential band mates, with the hope of getting them interested.
Influenced by bands like Helmet, Tool, Soundgarden etc
The songs are all intended to have vocals but I can't sing so I just left it all instrumental.
Guitar was recorded with my Laney VH100R, mic'd with an SM57.
Bass was my friend (ZaccB on the forums)'s Fender Jag line-in into my Mackie Onyx Satellite.
Drums were written by me on Guitar Pro and the midi file just dragged into Logic to be mixed etc.
Also, make sure you listen to it in the right order, some of the songs build into the next ones.
So anyway...crit would be greatly appreciated!

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its good dude
but finding band members is so hard these days
if you cant find anyone to join i guess the best thing to do would be to become yngwie mamlsteen xD nah im joking but you could play this live even without words its good
and you can play the drums youve programmed through the pa system
I really like it. If you can get a band to play this with you that would be sick. It doesn't even need vocals. Good job.
Cheers guys, I put a lot of effort into it so it's really good to hear some feedback. Now I just need to get the courage to show more people I actually know :P
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This is amazing. I love it. Sounds really professional.
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Hey man if this doesn't get a few of your friends going into a band situation, they're crazy. This is really professional sounding stuff. It sounds very 90s and I love it. Haha, I'm going to be listening to this a lot now :P I loved Slenderman! Your playing is great by the way dude, great job over all. PM me if you make any more stuff.

Here's my stuff: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=27583810#post27583810
Production is very good. Drums are mostly well done and well mixed, but it is still plagued a little by the MIDI drum curse (possibly because I know the Logic drums sounds too well). You definitely program the drums very well, though. Some things can't be avoided, like fast snare rolls sounding like repeating notes, rather than melding in with the previous hit. 80% of the time it sounds like drums, so you've done a good job on that front.

You do a great job of adding little bits and pieces here (effecting different secions, accenting rhythms) and there to keep interest in the instrumental nature of the music. Sounds very Tool-like.

Great lead in from Push to Pull (cool naming/mastering choice).

On an overall thing, you've done a great job at picking tones for different sections and then nailing those tones while maintaining separation between instruments. Also, throughout the kick is present, but not overpowering (a mistake often made - boomy kicks only serve to screw over the mastering). The kick does a good job of melding with the heavy riffage and driving the quieter bits along. My only suggestion with the kick is maybe it is too tight. I imagine you've gated it or picked a particularly choked kick sound. It empties the mix a touch to have such a short, sharp kick. That could just be my preference for natural sounding stuff, though.

One thing is that to my ears it maybe lacks some energy in places, but not all the time. In fact it was mostly in the first track. Everything is much tighter and better sounding as things progress.

Musically, everything is performed really well and does what it should for mid-tempo hard rock. The riffs are heavy when they need to be and you haven't unnecessarily cluttered the mix with a million guitar parts and stuff you don't need. Sometimes it's needed, but in this case the simple approach you took was best.

One of the biggest things in your favour is you haven't gone overboard with the drums. You got a solid groove going and didn't ruin it technical fills everywhere and excessive double kick that only sounds more like MIDI.

Last note is the last song cuts off too abruptly. Even a fast fade would be better than a cut at that point.

So, that's my 2 cents. You've done a really good job on this, and I reckon you should just find a live drummer to play that stuff and you're pretty set.
Wow, cheers man. Appreciate it. The build between Push/Pull took forever to get sounding right.
And yeah, I'm jamming with a dude I once played with next Tuesday, should be good.
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Im still listening to it, but overall, i love the riffs. Very well done. Alot of parts remind me of tool, but it also has its own unique sound. The drums sound great, nothing wrong with them for sure. Im sure it would sound much better with a vocalist, but im sure you will be able to find one. Im also attempting to get a band together in the style of Alice in Chains/Tool/Chevelle. Ive JUST started writing so its not great yet. But this is the link to one of the songs I started, its a very rough demo. If you wouldnt mind critiqueing it?

I also forgot to mention that the beginning of "Push" sounds very much like Rotten apple by Alice in Chains, but not enough to really make much of a difference. Im sure I could relate all of riffs to another one at a certain extent.
Haha yeah it does, especially with the chorus on the bass. The bassline was originally different, done an octave done and stuff but it just sounded too muffled. And sure, I'll give your stuff a listen now.
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Its interesting, we seem to be going for similar styles. Yours is just more on the prog side and mine is more on the heavier side.
wow, great recording quality first and foremost. distorted guitar riff is really freakin good and catchy. i think i read in here somewhere that the drums are programmed, but i really can't tell most of the time. great job on that. everything on this song is just awesome, and it seriously needs a vocalist. if you can find a vocalist you'll have other band members beating down the door to play with you guys.

starts off sounding slightly similar to slendman, not too big of a deal though.
the feedback and stuff leading up to when the distorted guitar comes in really builds it up extremely well
another awesome guitar riff in this one

freakin sweet guitar riff right off the bat
drums are great as well
when it goes into the clean part i can't help but feel like it sounds like the previous 2 songs in a way

not much to say for this one that i haven't already said. awesome guitar riffs as usual, i will say that the clean tone gets pretty old by this point though.

The Shepherd:
this one is definitely different so far, starts out with drums instead of clean guitar, riffs are good yet again, and this song definitely feels more fresh, its a good change in direction, no matter how small. this one feels a little repetitive, but i'm sure vocals will remedy that.

overall i'm really glad to see there's some good songwriters on UG besides big time metal guys. i'm going to friend request you, and if you ever get a vocalist i'd be really interested in hearing these songs with vocals.

if you could check out this thread for my band and help us choose a song to record and let me know what you think of our songs, i'd appreciate it.

(btw your songs are going on my ipod)
American Circus
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I also put you songs in my music library

first of all why is there a picture of the guy from Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the mp3 tag....? haha anyways catchy riffs, sweet and soulful guitar solo. Sounds great to me man. If you don't add vox try adding synth overlays to fill out the sound. Otherwise its great, really grooving to it right now...

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=28024936#post28024936
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Also - got any album art?
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Aha I have no idea why that'd be the mp3 tag :S That's crazy.
Yeah the songs definitely need some kind of vocals, I'm just not sure what yet. I was thinking like Maynard from Tool crossed with Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, but I'm going to have a hard time finding someone who sounds like that
Album art is on the way, when my friend has time he's going to do some for me.
Heaps glad you guys like it, if you could show your support by 'liking' or 'becoming a fan' of my reverbnation page that'd be heaps good, the more likes and listens etc the higher my rank goes, thus the more exposure and higher chance of me finding a vocalist
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Link to your reverbnation is broken
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