I got attacked by a guy today in a farm... not sure if I should go back

Ok so long story short - i was on my owners farm today just eating some grass in my field (it's my favorite thing to do) down in the country. So anyway, this new guy recently got a job here, he looked a little out of place - but i thought nothing of it. Later on I overheard the farm owner tell this kid that he'd be "working with the cows today". So i see him climb over the fence and get in the field with my kin - next thing i know he runs over to me and starts touching me inappropriately. I was like "Wtf bitch, whut u doin!?', i told him to go cup a bulls balls instead - but he doesn't listen and keeps touching me, so i started to try to get him off me, and i managed to eventually chase him away...

Later on down at the barn, i go to get on my scooter so i can go visit my sister down the road at another farm, and my scooters been kicked over - wtf!?

Now i'm afraid to go back into the field, what would you do in this situation?
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