rate your taste in music? list the bands and artists you listen to and then assign yourself a score.

I'm into electronic, rock, experimental, indie and ambient, including:
Tyler, the Creator, Aphex Twin, Earl Sweatshirt, Animal Collective, Planningtorock, Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Future Sound of London, The Smashing Pumpkins, OFWGKTA, SEMYoN, 808 State, Tobacco, Instra:mental, The Velvet Underground, Madvillain, Radiohead, Adam Johnson, The Go! Team, Richie Hawtin\Plastikman, Wagon Christ, Mogwai, Stevie Wonder, Luke Vibert, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Autechre, Magnificat, Primal Scream, Scuba, Tubby McGraw, Ween, Kasabian, Bon Iver, LFO, Neutral Milk Hotel, Colourmusic, MellowHype, Chaos A.D., Quinoline Yellow, The Space Cossacks, Grandaddy, Stiff Little Fingers, Plastikman, Joy Division, Nas, Gary Numan, The Chemical Brothers, Cut Chemist, Orgone, Flying Lotus, Crippled Black Phoenix.

id give myself an 10 out of 10

now its your turn
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He didn't make a shit thread either.

Agreed. Maybe if we give you a score out of ten? I'd give you a six.
PotBellyShogun, you're either trollin'... or have the biggest ego in the universe.

That is, if the universe is even large enough to contain your MASSIVE head.
Shit, you got a 10/10 on your first go? ;;;;

I won't even try to judge whether I think the bands I think are good are good, I don't think I can compete with your score.
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all the other threads suck dick atm


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