Hey guys,

Today I received a Line 6 M13 through the post, which I got from eBay. After opening the packaging, I noted that the included power supply was not the original. Rather than being sensible and inspecting it first, I just went ahead and plugged everything in.

After a couple of minutes failing to get any kind of signal (the board lights up and everything seems to function, but the only sound I got was a light hum when selecting a scene), I decided to finally check the power supply it came with.

Turns it out it's running 12v 1000ma, whereas the M13 requires 9v 2000ma. I've contacted the seller asking about it and whether or not they actually used the power supply with the board. I patiently await a response.

In the mean time, do you think there is a possibility that the higher voltage rating may have damaged the unit at all?
The higher voltage shouldn't have done any damage I don't think, you weren't running much more than it requires, and it might have some sort of voltage protection. That said, I don't have any experience with the M13, so I might be wrong.
The lack of current would mean it probably wouldn't power up, so thats probably what's causing the problem.
You should not have ordered a supply. You should get your money back or let the seller send a supply and verify it works before closing the dispute. And yes it's possible the wrong voltage damaged something.
^ arguably, yes. However, I'd quite like to use the thing, and if that means ordering a power supply myself straight away rather than going through and disputing with the seller to get one, then I'm happy to do so. If it turns out the unit does not work with the correst PSU, then action will of course be taken.
It might not handle extra voltage well, unlike my OCD and crunch box. Extra ma is okay though. .
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I had a digitech GNX-3 that I let a buddy borrow, and he pluged his boss power suply in it and it FRIED send it back imediately.

EDIT: Does that pedal accept batteries? if it does try it and see if that works.( just a suggestion)
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EDIT: Does that pedal accept batteries? if it does try it and see if that works.( just a suggestion)

Jesus christ that would be some serious battery power

My m13 was fussy with other power cables, once i get the original all was fine, hope yours turns out the same, i love mine!
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I'll let you guys know what the outcome is. I've never been stung by eBay before, so hopefully this isn't going to be my first bad experience. The seller seems to have good feedback though, so I am still optimistic.
Turns out he sent the wrong PSU - said he grabbed the one he thought it was before he sent it, plugged it in and it all lit up so he assumed it was the correct one. Easy mistake I guess if you're not thorough, but let's hope everyone's sake the unit wasn't damaged...