I have seen quite a lot of drum machines round for both mac and PC, but unfortunately majority of them arent free... :/

Was wondering, what is a good drum machine program that is free and works for Mac?

And if the price is a problem, a program that if I were to get by torrenting would have enough seeds due to popularity that it can actually download, which is proving a problem to me :/

Thanks heaps in advance

PS If it helps, I'm looking at using this to use as a drum track for a demo that I'm going to try make quite soon
Personally I use Hydrogen. It can be a bit tricky to get it working, and it used to be pretty unreliable, but the latest version on the site seems to work nicely.

It won't replace a real drummer, if that's your intent, but i'm in the same position as you, and it works fine for recording a demo! It's not too hard to find libraries of drum samples online for free if you look around, and you can put together a kit in Hydrogen with pretty much whatever you find (either good sounding drums, or more unusual stuff - one of my kits has a recording of a fridge in it..)
.... I'm planning to just use garageband o.O I'll look up hydrogen though, thanks.

....Actually, will it sound heaps better than guitar pro 6 drums?