got this a few months back, wanted to mod it matt bellamy style but then realised i couldn't afford to so just occasionally played it but mostly it's been gathering dust and could really do with space.

originally it said "johnny brook" on the headstock but i sanded that off and was also intending to custom decal it up, again, budget ran short (had other things to pay for so couldn't afford ANY mods on this thing)


the only thing i did was change the knobs from silver ones to black ones. but that's not much of an issue.

it's got a nice tele twangy sound out of the bridge pickup and the neck one is a nice bluesy tone too. middle position i'm not too keen on but meh it's all personal preference.

not looking to ship it so kind of must be collected.

live on the wirral but will meet anyone in liverpool city centre if it's easier for you to get there too.


being honest: frets are a bit crap and one or two mute out so it's not exactly an MIA fender thing, but not bad for either pissing about on, if you plan to mod it or fix it up, or to take apart and use for parts.

so yeh. message me or post here if interested.
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