My wife was given this guitar by her uncle in the early 90's and it has been sitting in a closet for years.
All we know is it is a Gibson SG Junior and a guy once told her the neck had been replaced.
Wondering how to sell it and what to ask for it and hoping someone might be able to help.
Number on back-208632
depending on condition, accessories etc anything between £500 and £3000

you could post an ad here in the UG classifieds forum.

looks a gorgeous guitar.

also post where you are and if you're willing to ship, where you're willing to ship to.
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why selling that bijatch
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Selling because it doesn't get used. Might as well get some money instead of it sitting in a closet.
I guess what I am hoping is someone can tell me some info about it; such as age, condition, how to describe it when trying to sell, and how much to ask/expect for it.
It is located in Athens GA, USA. I guess I could ship to wherever for the right price.
According to the Guitar Dater Project website:

Your guitar was made at the
Kalamazoo Plant, USA
approximately in: 1964

assuming that the body and neck/headstock are from the same time it could be worth quite a bit!
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Good information so far. It looks slightly different than the similar year ones on ebay. Will the modifications decrease value significantly?
Also, would it be a good idea to get it professionally appraised?
The more I look into it, I think the guy that told her the neck had been replaced was wrong. Maybe he was hoping to buy it from her at a good price?
Anyone else with input or opinions please chime in, this is very interesting.
yeh i very much doubt the neck has been replaced, replacing a set-neck would cost FAR too much and be too much hassle. as it'd have to go to gibson to do it who would need all the paperwork etc so they could re-stamp the serial number on.

and i don't really see any modifications to it. looks stock to me!

some have tremolo bridges, some don't. it all depends.

if you have the original hard case with it and paperwork, it'll be worth closer to my £3000/$5000ish estimate than the lower end.
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You're probably looking about £1000<p<£3000 give or take £500 or so.
That guitar would look great with a vibrola.
Sent in an appraisal to Gruhn Guitars, here is what they had to say if anyone is interested"

I have examined the attached photos of the instrument described below, but have not seen the instrument itself. Below is my estimate, based on these photos, of the instrument’s value; however, it is not possible to judge from photos alone the exact state of originality and need of repair, so my appraisal is only accurate insofar as the photos are representative of the actual condition of the instrument.

The guitar described below is, in our opinion, a Gibson SG Junior model made in the year 1964.

Description: Serial number 208632. Upon inspection of the photos we note that the original Kluson Deluxe tuners with white oval plastic buttons have been replaced, the original stud-mounted bridge has been replaced with a tune-o-matic bridge, the original vibrato tailpiece has been removed leaving three screw holes, and a stop tailpiece has been installed. Removal of the original stud-mounted bridge and installation of the stop tailpiece required drilling extra holes in the top of the guitar. A non-original ground wire extends from the pickup to the tune-o-matic bridge. In other respects it conforms to the typical specifications of the model for the period in which it was made, with mahogany neck and body, typical SG body shape, unbound Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays, Gibson decal peghead logo, cherry red finish which has faded with exposure to ultraviolet light, one single-coil black plastic-covered P-90 pickup in the bridge position, beveled-edge laminated black plastic pickguard, one tone control, and one volume control. The modifications to this instrument greatly reduce its appeal to collectors and lower its monetary value, but if set up in good playing order it would be a fine utility instrument suitable for professional use on stage or in the studio.

Current market value: $1850 (one thousand eight hundred fifty dollars).