Alright so I have a show in 3 hours and I have a problem with my Ibanez SST acoustic/electric. I get this sound when I plug into the amp that sounds like the batteries are dying. It's a fuzzy sound. After about a minute the amp doesn't pick up anything. I literally just put in new batteries, straight from the pack. The tuner works but I guess the pickup doesn't.

I have a show in 3 hours like I said and I'm running out of options. Anything I can do quickly to solve this problem or will I need to borrow someone else's acoustic/electric? Pleasepleaseplease help!
Try another set of batteries you may have a dead one. It doesn't happen often but occasionally you can get a new one that is dead.
Alright thanks. You could have a point, because I took a couple from a new pack the other day, they didn't work, so I used my TV remote batteries. It's kinda weird because I brought another new pack yesterday and tried it and it didn't work.