i've had a decent amp for a while (VOX valvetronic) and before had a starter rig amp that was really really bad so i had no interest in effects or how to get the best sound out of my amp. Now that i have a half decent one i feel obliged to learn more about amps and what all the knobs do. my amp has gain knob, volume knob, treb, mid, bass knobs and a master knob. i understand the basic functions of these knobs but has anyone got any detailed information on how and in what way do they work? i know i could google this but i came here first. thanks
Sorry if this isnt helpful, but the best way is to play around with them yourself and find out what sounds cool and what doesnt

If it sounds good to you, then it is

The one thing that does tend to be said around here a lot is dont turn the mid all the way down, because it adversely affects the tone.
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