I can't do it!

I deleted my old picture and it's still there, I press to set it as default profile pic and it won't change, help?
Just wait, it usually takes a few hours so maybe tomorrow it might be better, it's happened to me before also.
When I go into my profile it shows my old picture, when I press the button Profile it shows my new picture, what the hell UG profiles?
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Yup, that's what happened to mine, just give it some time and it'll fix. If you want you can report it in the Bug Forum.
yes i did the same yesterday,,and go the same as you.hey ho logged in today and my glorius picture of my takamine gx is there ..takes a wee while for the valves to heat up and change the pict..lol
never been to the united states, but i have been in some states too much gear to list ,take a look at my pictures,, rock n roll living the dream.. blue