About the song "Walking"

Poor quality recordings. Could have been mixed better.
Sloppy playing, and I don't really like the guitar parts. It sounded simple and unoriginal.


I loved the intro/main riff! The drums worked great with the acoustic-ish guitar.
The chorus, or what I guess is the chorus, sounded out of place, with the effects.
Again, could have been mixed better, and not the best quality. I did enjoy the song though.

Also, I liked the bass part further in the song.

EDIT: Since I don't know how the vocals go, I haven't really said much about timing, and stuff like that. For all I know, it all works great with the vocals.
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Thanks for the comments. I do agree with what you said. The song titled walking does need work, It is one that we do not have really set/ finished yet. The other song we have had longer and it is pretty much finished, other than a guitar solo and vocal.
Neither one of these recordings are top notch recordings, they are just meant to give people an idea of what we are working on.