Hello! I recently began writing beatles scores from the sheet book The Beatles Complete Scores into Guitar Pro 6. I've been posting some complete works here on UG, check it out later!

Thing is I want to create a team of people to convert the whole book into Guitar Pro 6 format for UG people. Simple tracks like the ones on Please Please Me album can be easily converted and does not require music theory knowledge at all. But "studio-phase-tracks" require a bit of that, as some instruments are in Bb, for example, while the whole song is in C. Here are some rules for this work:

- The songs must contain all the notes and variatons (like "Tacet", "D.S. Only" or "2x only", for example, and not just repeat the phrases);
- The key and tempo must be the same, or as closest as possible.
- You must try to reach the closest to the recording sound as possible (instruments, effects, etc.)
- At least all the instruments of the sheet MUST be there, but if necessary, you can add more instruments to simulate effects or overdubs.
- Oh and of course, email me and I'll send the BCS haha.

I may have forgotten some lol. I know that requires a lot of patience, but I am willing to do this for the Beatle community and for the UG community. Interested can e-mail me at lorc_8@hotmail.com, add me on msn. I am 7 days a week online and doing those. Thank you.
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