i want to start to play in the sliding style with the slider thingy.
all i got right now is an epiphone sg, boss me-25 effect and frontman 25r amp.
i'll probably buy a slider asaf and i want to know if thats all that i need equipment wise.
and in addition, if you know a really good website that can teach you sliding, or even famous slider(just know derek trucks) it would be a good starting point.
All you need is a slide, glass, ceramic, whatever you want. The hardest thing with slide guitar is keeping your pressure consistent. The one time I tried it, I couldn't keep my pressure consistent as I slid around, so it sounded bad. I'm so used to curving my fingers that I'd put too much pressure on the higher strings.
This series helped me out when i got a slide.

That reminds me, I havent practised slide in ages.

Btw, you'll find it easier if you have a higher action and thicker strings.

PS - I saw Derek Trucks in London last week. He and his wife were guests on BB King's stage, along with Slash, Mick Hucknall and Ronnie Wood. Best gig ever.
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