Hey guys, so I own an AVT-150H and am perfectly happy with the first Overdrive channel, but hate the second, so I'm looking to get an OD pedal that will stack nicely with the marshall distortion as well as add another overdrive channel to my rig. I play a PRS SE Custom and the sound I'm getting now is very similar to the sound that Good charlotte has in Lifestyles of the Rich and famous.

I want with the overdrive to get sounds like those in The Beach by All time Low when combined with the amps distortion.

The Beach:

I was considering the following so if you think any of these would work then say so or give me other suggestions:

Visual Sound Route 66
Full tone OCD
Full Tone Full Drive II
Way Huge Pork Loin
Lovepedal Amp 50
Lovepedal Eternity Fuse
I personally hate the AVT150, especially paired with the cab.

And an OD on top of it made it worse.
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Idk I have it through a 70s Randall cab and it sounds as good as the all tube marshalls on low gain and clean. Through marshall cabs it sounds like garbage
That was my biggest issue, the AVT cab was beyond muddy, basically an MG cab muddy sound.

Not sure if an OD pedal would help though. Being a hybrid modelling amp, it probably doesn't fancy pedals to much.
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Ok :/

Well, the amp itself should be fine...

You said you like the first OD channel on the amp.
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Yeah I just want some more gain on the bitch without having to go to the 2nd OD but yeah

What are your EQ settings?
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yeah i found my avt hated pedal stacking.

a tubescreamer i tried worked a little better than some other options, though, so a cheaper clone might be worth considering.

but really, it's going to be a stopgap at best. if it even works at all.
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