I think it's a Guild Starfire IV.

If not, a Gibson ES-335.
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I didn't see any F-holes in it which made me think that it wasn't a Gibson Semi-hollow plus it looks a little smaller than an ES-335 model. Guild seems right. Thanks
Looks like it says Ibanez on the headstock. But I could be wrong.
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Is it not a Hagstrom Viking?
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It is a particularly fancy Ibanez Artisan; I don't know if it was ever a production model. Bob Weir used to have a signature Ibanez; he was a longtime endorser.

The Artwood Twin had the same tree of life inlay and headstock design:

EDIT: Here's a version of the Ibanez Bob Weir model that might a derivative of the guitar in question:

The original Bob Weir Model:

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