I have a 2004 Jackson SLSMG in 8.5/10 condition.
All it has is some rice sized dings and rash on the back, little fretwear. There are surface scratches as well but honestly, the only way you will see them is if you look for them. The guitar is super high gloss.

EMG HZ-H3s, Mahogany body, carved top, neck through mahogany neck, ebony fretboard, 24 frets, MIJ, fixed bridge.

I just put on some Ernie Ball 10 gauge, tuned to D standard.

If you're interested in buying, PM me for price/negotiations. I wanna see what I can get tradewise.

Any of the following would interest me (I can add cash if necessary/fair): Jackson SLS3, a black Jackson RR24M, some sort of King V preferably other than black color, possibly an RR5FR in pink, a Charvel USA So-Cal style (candy blue, pagan gold, slime green would be awesome), maybe an Alexi-600 (black/yellow), an amp. Shoot me anything and I'll consider it.

I have a coffin case to go with the guitar.


good guitar man but a bit high for something that has blemishes...lower it to about 450 and people might think about it
450 is way too low. This guitar has minor blemishes.

I am flexible with the price, but I'm not as desperate as to give it away.

This guitar is 1100 brand new to add to the record.

Half price for a guitar in a great condition is a good price.

Since I no longer have the hardshell case, the price is 530 with a gigbag!

Hey, I saw your post on CL. I sent you an email via CL. I also have a friend that has the ESP you want (V) in the colors you want (YB). I'll let him know to see if he is interested.
any interest in an upgraded LTD George Lynch Signature GL-600FB (real sperzel locking tuners, seymour duncan Invader in bridge and Hot Rails in neck, planet waves black brass strap pins, push/pull pickup switch) with OHSC? ,,,, also live pretty close, i'm right inside south georgia, cheap shipping.
Let me think about it, I have never owned a Baritone guitar and I'm also not a fan of ESP.

Quote by lfrz93
Let me think about it, I have never owned a Baritone guitar and I'm also not a fan of ESP.

and also i forgot i just recently installed an Earvana Compensated nut on the GL-600FB.
Alright man, I did some thinking and I'll have to turn your offer down.

Thanks and good luck.

Also, price now is 500 shipped