Hey guys, I've got a few songs and album that you could check out! And if you want me to review anything you guys have, I'll be glad to

Some of my songs in need of a critique: http://soundcloud.com/zafa-black

My album. All the money goes to charity, so if you like what you hear please buy it

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/d-n-a/id446238805

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/D-N-A/dp/B0058XCJFS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1309809788&sr=8-1

It can be found on many other stores too if you're willing to look!

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it

I listened to "Electric Waves", "SUPER ULTRA METAL Ft. San Kilkis", "Drop Dead" and "Escapist". These are nice melodies, though I kinda expected some vocals, but that way is good too, nevertheless I think, vocals would fit them great, except "Electric Waves" which is intro I presume. "Escapist" has nice solo, "Drop Dead" in my opinion has too much bass and it's a little bit too dark, I think it should sound more like in that other three song I listened. Overall great work, your sound is nice and everything was recorded and mixed well, besides that bass I mentioned, but maybe it's just me, who thinks that. Keep up the good work and I wish you luck with selling this album

Cheers and if you have some time, though they are not recorded as well as yours:


Listening to Electric Waves.

I like the atmosphere. Good dynamics. Oooooooh like the riff! Very minimalist intro I love the layering. I was kind of hoping it would go somewhere. This sounds like a sick intro but as a full song it doesn't work for me. Production is great, playing is nice. Just wish there was more.

Good work!
@stephen_rettie: Electric Waves is an intro actually. It's the intro to my album Thank you for the kind words dude!

@Michael87: Thank you for the critiques, more than I expected, thank you! I shall check out your work once I get back home and critique them right away
Electric Waves was cool, great intro, nice and chilled. Loved the little tapping bit at the end.
Cool lead work in Super Ultra Metal. Tasteful, not too over the top. I get really sick of hearing people just endlessly wank as fast as they can, so it was a nice change just to hear so smooth playing instead.
Really liked Nebula too. You have a real knack for the spacey stuff I reckon. My only suggestion would be when programming the drums, change the volume/velocity of some of the kick drums, to make it sound a bit more human. It's almost too tight, if you get me.
Cool stuff man.
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Electric Waves is fricking awesome! :O How did you make all those sounds? Would love to know, it sounded very Bon Iver-ish somehow.
I especially like that kinda feebacky sound you do in some of the other tracks aswell, how is that done? Tell me all about your recording software and instruments!
5/5 man!
I'm listening through, and while it is musically quite good, it is nowhere near album quality.
You have good ideas, but need a singer and a proper recording with real drums.
Here are issues I have found across all the tracks:

The guitars sound very watery and like direct signal. There is occasional clipping on the input, which always sounds unprofessional.

The bass is also quite boomy in places and clipped.

The drum programming sounds very unrealistic. There is no feel to it (better velocity adjustments will help this - the basic parts are fine), and the actual sounds are not very good, especially the hats and snare - the most important parts.

It has way less balls than it should. I can see you mastered it by the waveforms. I can also see that you did that with a set and forget limiter. This may make it physically louder, but a weak sounding mix doesn't get any beefier with a limiter. You need to remix (bring up the drums more than being a meek little thing in the background, smooth out your bass and rethink your guitar tones slightly), and then get a proper mastering job done.

In the right hands and with a little re-recording (and maybe some vocals), you could have a very pro sounding piece of work.

I would still be proud of the achievement (musically there are some very good moments - Below the Surface of your Consciousness is a cool little composition), but I don't think the recording quality is good enough to be releasing into the wild. Although I admire you putting it up for charity, you'll do better with a rethink, which I encourage you to go for.
I love your stuff, it sounds almost professional to my untrained ears, although I'd trust the expert above =) Especially loved SUPER ULTRA METAL \m/
This sounds great, I've tried making instrumental music in the past but I wasn't really able to layer sounds as well as you can and incorporate great melodies. Good work.
I loved Drop Dead dude! The funky rhythm, the riffs, the drumming, all great. The only real crit that I have for it is that it sounds too cluttered. Perhaps making parts of it simpler would help. Cool tracks though!

Electric waves is way chilled out. You seem to be into funk a lot. The overdriven riff in the intro sounds like minimalistic funk again. Very very cool track! I was hoping it would go on for longer! Hats off to you bro!
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