I'm not to good with this era, but can anyone recommend some good songs or albums from 1984? I was thinking along the lines of Van Halen but anything like that. Your hair metal and rock scene.


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Ratt, dokken, motley crue, jake e lee era ozzy, tons of stuff, but yeh 1984 by Van Halen would probably be the obvious one
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"Black'n Blue" debut CD by Black'n Blue. Great band whose original guitar player plays with KISS now as the Spaceman. I just saw them(Black'n Blue) at M3 fest this year, and it was a dream come true, they were the best band on the second stage.

Also check out Keel's debut, Lay Down the Law, which has the great song, "Speed Demon"

Dokken - Tooth and Nail
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Checked out "1984" and most of it is on the Best of Both Worlds which I already have. Thanks though!

Any more albums that I should not be without?

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Whitesnake - Slide it in

So how come only 1984 and not all of the 80's?
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Birthday party and he was born in '84. Although I suppose I could get away with things from 83 and 85

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1984: RATT's Out of The Cellar, Wratchild's Stakk Attakk, Dokken's Tooth And Nail, Great White's self-titled, W.A.S.P.'s self-titled, Autograph's Sign in Please, Black 'n Blue's self-titled
1985: Motley Crue's Theatre of Pain, Keel's The Right to Rock, Bon Jovi's 7800° Fahrenheit, RATT's Invasion of Your Privacy, W.A.S.P's The Last Command, King Kobra's Ready to Strike, Dokken's Under Lock and Key, Hanoi Rocks' Two Steps from The Move.
1983: Quiet Riot's Metal Health, Motley Crue's Shout At The Devil, Def Leppard's Pyromania, Europe's self-titled, Hanoi Rocks' Back to Mystery City, Twisted Sister's You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll, Alice Cooper's DaDa.

and these are just the glam albums, there's lots of other rockin' sutff.
Slightly heavier stuff than than Van Halen yet more rocking side of heavy metal - out of those I could recommend these albums (because I have no good knowledge of pure hard rock):

Wolf (UK) - Edge of The World - (*NWOBHM)
Fisc (FRA) - Tracker - (*Heavy metal)
Samain (GER) - Vibrations of Doom (*Heavy metal)
Jag Panzer (US) - Ample Destruction (*Heavy metal (melodic)
The Rods (US) - Let them Eat Metal (*Hard rock/Heavy rock)
Torch (SWE) - Electrikiss (*Heavy metal/hard rock)
Leatherwolf (US) - Leatherwolf (*Heavy metal)
Spartwan Warrior (UK) - Spartan Warrior (*NWOBHM)
Battleaxe (UK) - Power From The Universe (*NWOBHM/Hard Rock
Sinner (GER) - Danger Zone (*Heavy metal)
Railway (GER) - Railway I (*Heavy metal/hard rock)
Bullet (GER) - No Mercy (*Heavy metal/hard rock)
Witch Cross (DEN) - Fit For Fight (*Heavy metal/NWOBHM)
TANK (UK) - Honour and Blood (*NWOBHM)
OZ (FIN) - III Warning (*Heavy metal)

I hope those didn't drift too far away from Van Halen though, but thats pretty much as '84 it can get! More rocking side of heayv metal .. well at least majority of those

PS. Ofcourse from the posts earlier mentioned I must also say W.A.S.P.!
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Steel Panther
They are F'n great
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