hey everyone, my band sons of torment recently recorded a 3 song demo (low budget as we are all full time students) but i wanted to try get some feedback from you guys/girls.

so if anyone could have a listen, and give us some feedback on the songs themselves, rather than just on the quality (like would you listen to us on a nice album/come see us live) and what genre you would call us? i just say Metal lol
thanks in advance guys

(also we are saving to get some pro recording done atm)

Like the riffs, like the structure of the songs, but I really cant get into your singer too much man. Maybe see if he can full out scream, or tone it down a little and try to get some melody behind his yelling. One or the other may work, but what it is now reminds me of some angry person ranting on about something. What did you use to record? Nowadays, you can get a pretty decent sound out of most computers with a basic microphone, maybe invest in a few and get a better quality recording out there. Good luck guys.
hey man, thanks for the feedback. Yeah i understand what you mean about our singer lol somehow he's still the one that girls hit on at gigs.. . We are currently working on him adding more tone to his voice with vocal lessons etc, we want to keep the full on shouting thing because its part of our angry students thing :P. Thanks for taking the time to check it and leave feedback
2 new songs uploaded

"Avenge" and "Devolution"

love if you guys could give me some feedback