Hey guys got a question.\
I have some cheap strat copy (not that the other guitars are from known brands) and i was thinking about some modifications. So here they goes:

1) putting a humbucker in the bridge, i got one from different guitar and i have a few questions:
- how to place humbucker on a pickguard, there is a place in the body and i know i need to cut some of the pickguard but i want to get the proper placement of the pickup
- do i need to change the volume and tone pot( i plan to change the tone control from the middle to bridge picup), i have some pots from SG clone if needed but if possible i want to stick to the one i got.
Oh and one last thing it has a classic tremolo but the block unusable, but i got one more problem the area when the claw go the body are cracked, i don't know if i'll be able to glue it, so i'm thinking about two options:
- blocking the block from the both sides so i will not move
- puting two more screws on the back of the bridge to make it hard tail.
What do u think.
Check out this website:


It should answer many questions that you have.
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Oh, and for resonance just play unplugged and see if it's loud. And smack an open A chord and hold the body and see if it vibrates like a middle-aged woman's best friend.