They have a bunch of songs that are pretty difficult on guitar, most of the tabs on here are either wrong or incomplete. Most of the songs are out of my league so i dont know why im even trying. There arent any tabs for their two newest songs Apologician and Lights and Stones. Im currently trying to learn lights and stones by ear. Its also my first attempt at learning a song by ear. Theres a lead riff that starts at 00:35 that i cant figure out. Heres a link to the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUGj_o4JG04&feature=related

What im playing for that part is
A----15 14-----------14 13----------------------14--
F----------15 14 15 0------14 13 14 0--14 15----
Im pretty sure the song is in drop c. If someone could help me figure this out that would be awesome.