I'm just starting to get really into bass after playing guitar for a long time, and recently have been fiddling around with effects pedals. At the moment I have a EHM Bass Big Muff and Holy Grail reverb, and I was wondering what other people would recommend, and also what other people play with.

Also, I think this is my first post in the bass forum, so hello!

I've always had a soft spot for modulation effects, especially phaser and flanger. Maybe have a look into those? You should go try out some effects and see what you'd like and put to use.
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Compressor, chorus, filters, OD, and octave pedals are all pretty common on bass (along with fuzz as you've mentioned).

I recommend whatever gets you the sound in your head. I have more pedals than any sane person should own, and far more than I can realistically use in a set, but the best way to start building your collection is to pick out the specific needs you have while gigging or bedroom grooving.

The muff will give you a fair amount of variety as far as dirt goes. There's just too many different pedals to give you blind recommendations, so if don't have any particular tonal goals, I say start listening to clips of different filter pedals to see if there's anything that you like. If that doesn't turn out to be your thing, start trying out some modulation--chorus is most common, but a lot of times you can get sweet phaser or flanger sounds on bass (I even use tremolo sometimes to pretend I'm an electric piano).

If checking a bunch of those out on youtube still doesn't do anything for you, start looking at other kinds of dirt.

My list of favorites changes pretty often, but right now I'm using a GGG muff clone for my fuzz, a DOD 440 clone for my filter, a rocktron hypnoflanger for modulation, and a modified bad monkey for OD. I also have a little synth set up with a boss OC2, DD6, and behringer SYB-5 blended with my clean signal through a boss LS2. Instant dance music.
I was playing with a chorus pedal at my local music store, and I was enjoying that so it will probably be my next addition, and thanks for couple recommendations.

Also thinking about a wah, but that would be mostly for just jamming in my room so it will probably have to wait.
as far as chorus goes, don't be afraid of digitech. their other stuff may be weak but they do a nice bass chorus.

I'd avoid pedals until you know you need a sound. phaser bass sounds good, but I NEVER EVER need it. which makes me sad.
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Yeah +1 to knowing you need a sound before buying it, i've got a flanger which i barely use, the only pedals i really use at the moment are fuzz and envelope filter (when i have the opportunity since i don't actually own one atm). I suppose i would use compression if it wasn't on my amp and an octaver would be pretty cool.
I only use distortion and envelope filter. I do regularly browse the EHX site and think yeah, I could do with a bunch of those, particularly the English Muff'n, Tube Zipper, Flanger Hoax
I have one pedal for my bass and it's the EHX Bigg Muff Pi, for when I feel like getting dirty. other then that I allow the true tone of my bass to come through.
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Oh geez... pedals are an addiction... at one point my pedalboard was about 25 pedals deep. I've owned in excess of 100 different pedals in the last 15 years.

THESE days though, i've scaled back significantly, and though i own a bunch, i use them for guitar as well.

I own:

-2 Fuzzes (Sanfordandsonny Bluebeard, and Fender Sub-Lime)
-4 Overdrives (Keeley Mod Digitech Badd(er Bass) Monkey, DOD250, Catalinbread SFT, Boss ODB-3)
-4 Distortions (DOD Grunge, moded Boss DS-1, Proco RAT, Boss HM-2)
-2 Choruses (Boss CEB-3 and Ashdown Bass Chorus)
-1 Flanger (Boss BF-2)
-2 Reverbs (EHX Cathedral, and Boss RV-5)
-1 Phaser (MXR Phase 90)
-1 Tremolo (EHX stereo Pulsar)
-5 Delays (Akai Headrush E2, Line6 DL-4, Boss DD-3, EHX Memory Boy, Guyatone MD-3)
-1 Multi FX (EHX Holy Stain)

Honestly though... for Bass... fuzz, OD, and Chorus are my go-to effects. Personally i love the flanger as well... but it's not for everyone. But i wouldn't know that unless i tried it. Everyone's different! I know Wahs and Envalope filters are a BIG pedal in many bassist's board... i just don't like them. Same with Synth pedals... just not for me.

I suggest just going out and trying EVERYTHING. I especially like going to used places and trying all the plastic no-name stomp boxes from the 80's... there's golden tones to be found in $10 effects!
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