So basically I want like buying a guitar but don't really want to spend much so I decided to just buy a 2nd hand guitar on ebay. There are a few choices for me but since I don't know that much about guitars yet I was hoping for others' input

The guitars I've chosen(Pretty much because they were cheap but also from a decent brand)

Fender DG20S
Fender F-35
Yamaha Acoustic guitar FD02
Yamaha Acoustic guitar FG720
Tangewood TW2
Tanglewood Earth 1000 (TW1000 SR I THINK?)

I just wondered which would be the best guitar. If you can please put them in order from best to worse and why. PLEEEAAASE I REALLY NEED HELP
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I personally wouldn't go the EBay route as a first resort.

Look into the scratch n' dent offerings from American Musical Supply. I just recently bought an Epiphone Les Paul Custom from them that way that didn't have a mark or scratch on it and it sounded great and I got a substantial discount off the everyday price.

Sweetwater will tell you exactly what is wrong with all of their used offerings so you have more info to judge whether or not you want to make the purchase. So check them, too.

Neither charges sales tax, too, and have free shipping available.

The benefit of dealing with companies such as the above is that you are dealing with known entities who are both very concerned with their image among consumers. With EBay, you are basically dealing with any jackoff out there.
yamaha fg720s.
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yamaha fg720s.

yamaha fg720s. I 2nd that.
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Hey! First of all for how long have you been playing? And do you really want to buy a branded guitar?? You get better sound but its not that impirtant for now! If i were you i would go and buy a good acoustic, which has an input, so that in future you can connect it to an amp. After a year or so you can buy an electric! Go to the storr and try out somr acoustics and get the best one!