Hey there forum!

Just a little question concerning potentiometers.

I've had a 1989 Epiphone Les Paul for just over 3 years now and there has been some trouble with it ever since I bought it but it's starting to annoy me now. The problem is that when I turn the potentiometers there is a loud crackle and some times no sound what so ever and I have to wiggle the knob for it to work, is there a way to fix this? or should I just buy new pots to replace them with?

Also I get a crazy ringing sound on my 9-12 frets but only on the e(high) string and only when I'm using the bridge(treble) pick up, there is nothing like this on any fret or strong when I'm using the neck(rhythm) pick-up. Does this mean my pick up is busted or is there some fixable solution to this?


well first you need to replace all the pots...then the guitar should be set up.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer