This is awesome. Some very nice riffs and melodies throughout the whole thing. The drums seem to be very well done. Personally, being a keyboardist, I would've added more keyboard parts to go over some of the guitar riffs, though that might ruin the feeling your going for and end up making it totally cheesy

Was the piano part at 5:42 programmed or actually played and recorded? It sounds quite good. Nice soloing as well.

If there's any criticism to be made, I would say the song sounds kind of empty at certain points. The guitar and drums both sound very good, but when they're by themselves for a while it kind of leaves me wanting something else going on in the background if that makes sense.

Really though, very good job. I personally can't seem to write anything over 8 minutes that remains interesting, but yours stayed interesting all the way through.

Crit mine if you want. Be warned though, it's heavily keyboard driven, so if you don't like "cheesy" epic metal, don't bother