These are a few songs I'm working on for an upcoming demo release. They're mostly keyboard driven. I take influence from bands like Equilibrium, Karlahan, Rhapsody, of Fire, Wintersun and the like. I'm uncertain whether I'm going to add vocals eventually or keep them instrumental.


Any criticism or recommendations on any of them is welcome.
Everything about these are pretty solid, guitar tone is tight although I wish on the fast palm muted parts it had a bit more bite. Not necessarily distortion, maybe just a more aggressive attack.

Keys sound good, reminds me a lot of Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica). And I'm digging the folk touch to it, makes it stand out a bit more.

Overall mix sounds great, although I wish the snare was a bit higher and packed a little more punch. The double bass in the beginning of Fallen Heart seems like it should be brought up in level a tad bit, to give it some more presence in the mix.

Beyond The Gates, Renewal In The Sky, and Fallen Heart are all very good songs. I like where the atmosphere in Fallen Heart goes the most, although to be honest I think all these songs need vocals. It just seems structured that way. Renewals In The Sky seems like perfectly set up for vocals, Beyond The Gates could probably stay instrumental if you want too, but the others seems to be great for a nice epic vocalist.
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Thanks for the crit. Sonata Arctica is definitely an inspiration for me, so I'm glad the keys gave off a Henrik-vibe.

And yeah, the problem with vocals is that I'm terrible at them, nor do I have a quality microphone, and so I'd need to find someone who could perform them for me (and where I live, it's a huge issue because nobody is really interested in this type of music).

I'm thinking I could add more melodies/instruments in the emptier sections, like on the verse of Renewal in the Sky or during the chug-ish section of Fallen Heart if I'm unable to find a vocalist. I want these songs to still be interesting without vocals, so yeah, expect these to be edited in the future.
Listened to Renewal in the Sky.

It's good, I like how you merge the folk and the symphonic feel. Though as you said above, it feels pretty empty. Personally I'd have love some variation of the intro melody on violin. You used it later (well, the sample is a bit tacky, but I think it's supposed to be a violin ), but in my opinion it doesn't do much for the song playing in unison with the guitar like that - rather it add interest to the empty parts, as well as provide some variation in texture by doing so.

On the whole, you have nice riffs and structure and if you did something to keep the parts which feel more like accompaniment more than anything right now it'd be great.

Soundwise, some better samples wouldn't have hurt, but the drums, guitar and bass melded together nicely. Though there were a couple of "chug chug" places where the guitar felt like it needed just a little bit more distortion.

All in all lots of potential here.

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